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Jenny Lim (Zappos) on building and maintaing brandculture

Interesting article in INC magazine on how to build a strong culture, by Jenny Lim, co-author (with Tony Hsieh) of Delivering Happiness on the Zappos culture. 

My personal take away's 

- Key formula for succes and the hard benefits of  a strong culture: Happier employees = happier customers = profitable company (+ meaningful lives)

- Succes (and fail) is all about commitment. Going beyond a 'introduction program' and sustaining the energy and focus to the core issues

- The metrics issue. Apart from having strong values to live buy, and a true higher purpose that inspires me/we/community, building a strong culture in practise is also about beiing guided by metrics. Metrics and science to maximise individual and team productivity and engagement.  I would consider thsi an intersting item for further thought.What is the new 'culture dashboard' we would like to have on building an nurturing the brand culture?

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